Dedicated to Health and Wellness of Women in the Workplace

Our vision is to connect women in your team with a range of dedicated physical and mental health professionals who will offer continuous and unlimited empowerment, coaching and support throughout the journey.

Introducing NIXY

Wellness support that truly understands women. 

NIXY improves the health & wellness of women in the workplace through tailored and professional online support.

We are dedicated to helping women feel understood and empowered at work.

Remote Working • Trauma and PTSD • Mental health • Bereavement • Pregnancy loss • Childcare • Post-natal depression • Financial issues • Weight management • Strategies for managing disputes • Relationships at work • Dealing with discrimination • Coming back into the workplace •

Women’s wellness report 2023

A Comprehensive Insight into Women`s Wellness and Mental Health in the UK

Women’s wellness report 2023

A Comprehensive Insight into Women`s Wellness and Mental Health in the UK

Download our women wellness report

Support Women at Work

Let Women in your team flourish in their roles feeling cherished, listened to, and understood, all at their own pace.

By connecting Women with experts in a supportive setting, we enable them to not just ask for the help they need, but actually get it.

Join the leaders empowering Women in their workforce today.


NIXY Effect


Better morale

30% of women said a hormonal issue had stopped them going to work or performing their job effectively.


Improved employee retention

68% of working women believe that commitment to employee well-being is more important than other factors.


Reduced absence costs

The reported cost alone to the British economy is £531 million for sick days taken owing to women’s health issues.

The NIXY Platform


All our content and professional services are also available on our app for easy access anytime and anywhere.


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Wellness hub tailored for women

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